February 15, 2015

Eurorack Drums For Maschine...

by Chris Randall

In my explorations the last couple days, I accidentally a couple kits of more-or-less traditional drum machine sounds for Maschine (software 2.1.2 or later) with my Euro stuff. Since I'm reasonably convinced this is the sort of thing that is of interest to the above-average AI reader, here they are. (4.3mb zip file.) It is a pair of kits with 15 samples each; I've utilized pad 16 in both kits for the Maschine plate reverb.

These can, of course, be utilized in any sample playback device; there are a pair of folders in the zip containing the raw samples. They will not have the benefit of the (generally mild) production in the Maschine software, as I didn't bake the effects or EQ or anything.



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Feb.15.2015 @ 6:57 PM
Tight. Thanks!

Feb.15.2015 @ 7:47 PM
"I accidentally a couple kits" seems missing verb. Thanks for the samples, verb or no.

Feb.15.2015 @ 8:13 PM
Looks like the right number of verbs to me. I accidentally a Skyrim once.

Feb.15.2015 @ 9:05 PM
That's the way the kids talk these days.

Feb.16.2015 @ 7:20 AM
Chris Randall
This isn't, I'll note, the first time this has happened. It is apparently now my lot in life to keep Kent informed about modern internet vernacular. So, #themoreyouknow...

link [knowyourmeme.co...]


Feb.16.2015 @ 8:45 AM
beauty pill
This is fantastic. Thanks for your work! I'm just getting into Maschine now, having owned one for a long time.

Feb.16.2015 @ 8:46 AM
beauty pill
[The "I accidentally" thing is something I'm only familiar with through you, actually. I like it.]

Feb.16.2015 @ 10:59 AM
Chris Randall
Maschine Studio is my single favorite piece of gear, I'm not ashamed to admit.


Feb.16.2015 @ 4:56 PM
These sound excellent. Thanks.

Tiny bug report. Maschine is unhappy about eurodrums_02.mxgrp having 2 missing, absolute file references. Screen shots:

link [s3.amazonaws.co...]

link [s3.amazonaws.co...]

Feb.18.2015 @ 5:22 PM
ED Snare 1 OMFG ... thanks

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