September 30, 2015


by Chris Randall

This article on Engadget caught my eye this morning. The tl;dr version: Deadmau5 is streaming his studio work (and gaming, I guess) on Twitch.

Now, everyone reading this is no doubt familiar with my love of process, and while I don't particularly care about Mr. Zimmerman's process in particular, I like the general idea of sharing your work while you do it. I'm a visual thinker, and I get way more out of watching someone do something than reading an article or instruction manual. The vast majority of my learning comes from watching process videos and talks on YouTube. In point of fact, my favorite YouTube channels are Jimmy Diresta and I Like To Make Stuff, both of which are (while not music related, even a tiny bit) 100% about process.

I don't have any particular problem with people watching me work; in point of fact, the results are generally better because of the audience. (As long as I'm not doing vocals. That's a different story.) My questions about this idea is thus: is this something other people find interesting? I mean, would you sit on your couch for an hour and watch someone patch a Euro system or program beats on Twitch or YouTube Live? I personally don't generally watch music production process videos, because they are (and I am in no way tooting my own horn here; just stating a fact) usually put up by people that are far less experienced than I in electronic music production.

It wouldn't be that much trouble for me to pull this off. I have a commercial broadband connection here you can drive a truck through, and the technical knowledge to provide pretty good video and audio streams. However, I honestly have no idea if it's something you guys would be interested in, and thus worth the trouble.

(It would, however, be an excellent impetus to keep my office clean.)


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Sep.30.2015 @ 5:08 PM
Oh hell yes.

Sep.30.2015 @ 5:26 PM
Considering my affinity for process, clean studio spaces, learning by watching & your general take on things I say yes.

Sep.30.2015 @ 6:20 PM
Duke Fame
I love the idea but I'm curious how you intend to pull it off logistically. The ITB stuff seems straight forward enough with the standard web tutorial screen capture. But what about the outboard stuff, in a way that does not become annoying as shit for you, i.e. constant repositioning of camera and zoom settings? You gonna strap a GoPro to your forehead? :)

Sep.30.2015 @ 6:27 PM
DOOO EEEET! I love process videos. I still buy CDs (I'm a dinosaur...) that include special-edition DVDs with in-studio stuff by the artists. Could watch that kind of stuff all day.

Sep.30.2015 @ 8:46 PM
Chris Randall
@Duke I don't think I'd do it with ITB. I'd just do my normal nightly confessional, not when I'm actually making music for release. (That would be remarkably tedious to watch, even for someone interested in the subject matter.) When I'm making music I actually plan to put out, it's a much different process, and one that doesn't lend itself to this.

So this would just be my Euro stuff and my tape experiments and what-not. Basically, the shit I already put on Instagram, but in long form.


Sep.30.2015 @ 8:47 PM
I'd definitely be interested. Especially if there was some commentary about the thought process you're taking. I don't watch all the videos like this, specifically do watch all the Frank Howarth and Jimmy Diresta vids all the way through. I prefer the Diresta vids where he narrates, but I like the ones where he's silent too.

Sep.30.2015 @ 9:34 PM
Chris Randall
I agree. The ones he does for Make are generally better from a learning standpoint, since they mostly have narration, but the subject matter isn't as cool. You take the good with the bad.

Regarding talking myself, I was thinking I should. Then I don't have to type comments in chat. Easier to just say them.


Oct.01.2015 @ 3:42 AM
raoul duke
I'd love to see something like this.

Capturing initial song noodlings etc, rather than tweaking a kick drum for 4 hours on final production, definitely sounds like a good idea.

Do you come to your setup (be that Eurorack, tape experiments etc.) with an idea/sketch/melody etc. already in mind, or do you let your setup dictate the idea (ie. wank around 'till cool shit happens)?

Oct.01.2015 @ 8:02 AM
If I record an hour of my modular twiddling as plain audio and post to sound cloud, Ill get some listens. If I take video and post to youtube I get orders of magnitude greater attention. I don't get it, since the videos look absolutely dull to me.

Oct.01.2015 @ 10:44 AM
@noisetheorem - youtube is way more open to a mass audience. i suspect soundcloud, for all it's successes, doesn't have near the audience.

and people love videos. shrug.

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