October 31, 2015

The State Of Things...

by Chris Randall

You can tell it's fall in Arizona when the leaves turn beautiful shades of red and orange, and there's a crispness in the air... Just kidding. The only way I know is that my seatbelt buckle doesn't give me 2nd degree burns when I get in my Jeep. But fall and winter traditionally means we start releasing the stuff we've been working on all year at Audio Damage, and this fall is no exception. (In point of fact, it is exceptional!)

First out the chute is pictured above, ADM12 Neuron. It is an all-in-one drum voice with a simple FM topology. After acquiring the Dinky's Taiko and Basimilus Iteritas modules, I found myself still using several modules to patch kick drum and snare sounds I was happy with. (Nothing against either of those modules whatsoever; I like them both for more out-there percussion sounds. Particularly BI.) So we took the Neuron voice from our Axon plug-in, altered it to broaden its tonal range and make it more capable for traditional drum synth sounds, and shoved it in a 12HP package.

The result is a nice little drum voice that we're particularly happy with. Hit the product page for specs and an overview video. I'm actually taking a break from retail-packaging the first batch of these to write this post. They're on the way to our Galaxy Of Retailers starting today, and will be available in the AD store at the end of next week if you want to order direct.

Next up, it's been no particular secret that we're working on non-Euro hardware. This turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Euro has a pretty set-in-stone standard for look and construction, and known suppliers, and you work within those parameters. When we started examining stand-alone products, well, things got hairy quick. But this summer's labor is beginning to bear fruit, and we will definitely be showing our new line of Audio Damage pedals at NAMM in January. We hope to show three different pedals, but that might be optimistic. This has proven to be a surprisingly difficult and time-consuming operation.

Interestingly, most of the difficulty and time consumption resulted from the fact that I just can't stand those Hammond boxes that most boutique pedals come in, and wanted our own folded steel chassis. It turns out that you need to know quite a bit of mechanical engineering to cause such a thing to be created, and since I had two years of mechanical engineering classes in high school in the 80s, of course I was up to the task. But lo, and furthermore hark! My brother-in-law works at Baer, which is (literally) right up the street from us, and he loaned me one of their engineers. Then the fine folks at Cutting Edge Manufacturing here in Phoenix took those drawings and tuned them up a bit, and then BLASTED SHEETS OF STEEL WITH A 4000 WATT LASER! (This shit is so fucking cool, I don't even.)

The first article is pictured above. These things are so tough you could drive a tank over them. I don't know about the rest of the thing, but the chassis will definitely survive the apocalypse. The guts are digital, of course, but feature true bypass (done with relays), assignable expression pedal destinations, and true stereo where appropriate. I think the non-Euro folks are gonna be very pleased with these, and as we get a WORKFLOW in place to build stand-alone products, you'll start to see some more sophisticated shit, in addition to our ever-expanding Euro line.



Oct.31.2015 @ 10:39 AM
Sounds great. Any chance of seeing a vid of 2,3, or maybe even 4 of these badboys connected to seq 1 ?

Oct.31.2015 @ 11:09 AM
Chris Randall
There's tons in my Instagram feed.

Here's one that's full of techno: link [instagram.com]

Here's one that's not: link [instagram.com]


Oct.31.2015 @ 12:32 PM
OMG, that second link is beautiful... and it is full of techno... makes me wanna drop a break on it...

Oct.31.2015 @ 7:04 PM
congrats on getting it out! sounds great!

Oct.31.2015 @ 9:31 PM
If one of the stomp boxes is a stand-alone stereo Kompressor/RoughRider w/ HPF sidechain EQ then techno live acts the world over will rejoice, myself included. ::fingers crossed::

Oct.31.2015 @ 9:31 PM
I'm with boobs.

Oct.31.2015 @ 11:20 PM
As someone who deals with fabrication issues on a fairly regular basis, can I just say that those bends are a thing of beauty?

Nov.04.2015 @ 11:03 PM
I'm with AdamJay. Would love a stereo compressor and am tired of waiting for Boum.

Nov.05.2015 @ 1:13 PM
Will the pedals be equally as comfortable with instrument and line level signals? I've got a TC delay that is, and it's nice not to need a reamp box.



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