July 10, 2016

Tech_Time No. 002: Using the Eurorack and Push 2 together...

by Chris Randall

A slightly less esoteric Tech_Talk this week. My own personal workflow for dumping Eurorack tracks to Live for further production. This is kind of quasi-basic, I think, but I do get a lot of people asking me how I do it, so I guess it's something that people find interesting.

Looking for topics for next week's Tech_Talk and Weekly. Hook a brother up!



Jul.11.2016 @ 2:10 AM
Nice vid. With infinite hardware and or software possibilities melting our brains it's great to see someone (who is actually productive) showing their specific workflow.
This is how I do it and it works for me. Sweet.

I also liked how you casually then dropped in, .......oh yea if I don't have a module I need then I just code one up.
I've wondered before how you went from a performing musician to designing/coding plugins and hardware? Were you always into computers and coding and stuff or when and how did you pick it these skills? Could be a good topic in there for the next AI weekly?

Jul.11.2016 @ 11:16 AM
dj empirical
Great vid. I hadn't thought about this more granular method of grabbing euro sounds.

Jul.11.2016 @ 11:26 AM
Chris Randall
@dj e: Yeah. I see a ton of people just recording a patch wholesale and throwing it on SoundCloud. While that's fine and all, we have all these production tools; might as well learn and use them!

@cilwar: That is, indeed, a long story. It is answered at length in the first 10 Questions video, though:

link [www.youtube.com]

... or maybe the second one. I don't recall. One of them. Watch both.




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