July 23, 2016

Full Of Techno: Push 2 And Simpler...

by Chris Randall

This week's Tech Time is a more sophisticated version of something I touched on in the last Push 2 / Modular video, making polysynth patches from a mono analog. I show my whole workflow, from initial sample to laying it in the mix.

The channel is starting to get a little momentum; I'll do my Cranky Old Man video on Sunday.



Jul.25.2016 @ 9:48 PM
What up Chris? I love my push 2....choppin is mo betta on it....hit me up if you want to chop up some foundsound samples from around town and destroy them with our RtoR's......fun times indeed ......480 221-8754 -Mike

Jul.26.2016 @ 10:16 AM
Loving this new series of videos! I was wondering if you could make a return of the 10 Questions type videos in a monthly or quarterly format? I rather enjoy the longer format Q&A videos.



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