March 31, 2017

Demo Daze...

by Chris Randall

That right there is a mockup of our new baby, Ensō, which is an audio buffer module in 22hp, with 50 seconds of stereo 48/24 audio memory, and various ways for looping/triggering/etc that buffer. We're done with the hardware design, and are working on the software now.

You can come see it (and the new Eos module) in person if you're in the LA area. I will be doing an Audio Damage clinic/Q&A at Perfect Circuit in Burbank this Wednesday, April 5th, at 7PM. Facebook event page with all the deets is here. Derrick Baseck will be doing a performance, and I'm given to understand there will be pizza and beer, two of the three major food groups. We will be giving away a couple modules, and buttons and stickers and the other usual shit, and I may extemporaneously perform for 15 minutes myself.

In other news, the first articles for the hardware version of Eos will be on the way to me today. So just a beta-testing round and then that will be shipping. Figure two weeks to stores at this point.

And finally, we will be attending Superbooth in Berlin again this year. I'm flying in to Prague on April 15, and then driving up to Berlin a couple days later. If you are in town and want to hook up, get at me in the usual methods.



Mar.31.2017 @ 11:57 PM
looking good. curious what surprises you two are cooking into the OS. i know that some things were spun off into another module down the line.

hope you're bringing some anti-facemelt cream for the baseck set... keeps things in shape when he's applying the melt

Apr.01.2017 @ 9:45 AM
Chris Randall
@boobs: I'm a middle-aged white dude. I _am_ anti-facemelt cream.


Apr.02.2017 @ 6:05 PM

same, i guess.

Apr.02.2017 @ 11:53 PM
Unfortunate timing ... currently I'm workin in Berlin, but I'm on holiday just when Superbooth 2017 takes place. It'd be great to meet face to face after "unsuspected sounds, vol. 1" :) - btw. how about vol. 2? ;)

I'm still thinking about to come over from Hamburg anyway, just to meet and have a look around at Superbooth.

Apr.03.2017 @ 6:25 AM
Chris Randall
"how about vol. 2? ;)"

Jesus fuck no. I managed to only lose a couple hundred dollars on the first one, but it's not something I want to make a habit of.




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