April 6, 2007

The Story With The Store...

by Chris Randall

As many customers who've written us know already, we're working on a new Audio Damage store. (Or, rather, my wife is working on a new Audio Damage store, while Adam and I cheer in the bleachers...) It is almost to the point where one could say it was nearing completion, which is exciting/nightmarish. Our current store uses the freely available OS Commerce back end, with some modifications. Our new store is custom from the ground up, and is expressly written to deal with how a company like Audio Damage moves product. Here are some of the features:

1. New license engine. The OSC store didn't really have a reg code thing in it, so our current mechanism for delivering and dealing with reg codes is something of a hack. The new license engine is far more sophisticated. One of the interesting features is that a customer can complete an entire license transfer without any intervention from us. So no more jumping through hoops to transfer your AD license to someone else; you just click the "transfer this license" link, enter in the new person's username, and blammo, it's done. A lot of other license control for us specifically that the user doesn't see, to make it easier to deal with NFRs, refunds, etc. as well. It is a fairly involved system, but perfectly suited to Audio Damage's needs.

2. The customer will get both platforms in his/her locker automagically. With the way the OSC store was set up, in order to give a customer who purchased the OSX version the Windows version, I had to do it manually. Now, both versions will be in your locker.

3. Large FAQ. We finally got around to writing a FAQ. It is in three sections (before, during, and after purchase, basically), is an amusing read in its own right, and deals with all of the common questions we get in the AD Mailbox. This will make life easier for our Asian customers and early-rising Europeans, as I tend to only answer inquiries when I'm, like, awake and stuff.

Now that I've written all that out, it doesn't seem that impressive, but as I said, this store is written from the bare walls, so it has been a lengthy process, needless to say. Maybe another month or so before it is actually live, which we will announce with much banner waving and fanfare, of course.


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Apr.06.2007 @ 3:11 PM
brandon daniel
re: #2, that sounds great! As a bi-OSual user, this would be very handy. I know it only takes a request right now, but I don't usually do that unless I really need it, since I don't want to make work for anyone... having it automatically would be great.



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