April 7, 2007

Best Wurli Model?

by Chris Randall

Okay, I'm officially sick of Lounge Lizard. I've been using it so long that I've got to the point where I'd just as soon avoid using a Wurli sound at all as instance it.

The electric piano is more or less alone amongst electro-mechanical instruments inasmuch as it is relatively easily and accurately modeled. What is your favorite Wurli modeling VSTi? I'd be okay with a sample set as well, as long as it was Halion, or came with a player.




Apr.07.2007 @ 1:30 PM
I'm a fan of the FabFilter products. Their "Twin" synth does a pretty good job of making a variety of sounds, including EPs.
Of course, it's not really speciallized for that purpose. At all. But what I really like about it is that regardless of the sound you're looking for, it's actually going to sound GOOD. Which helps with the desire to instance it in the first place.
Their delay is pretty special too.
I'm also sick of Lounge Lizard. I'm not sure why, but I think maybe I just want it to be something it's not.
I just sat in on a Donald Fagen rehearsal, and i've got to tell you, the Lizard sounds pretty sad after that. Of course, the constant Phase90 action doesn't hurt.
Please post again if you find one you like. I'm looking too.

Apr.07.2007 @ 1:46 PM
As far as sample players go, I'm pretty happy about NI's Elektrik Piano. I've never played an actual Wurli, though, so I'm judging it more on how it sits in my mixes than how accurate it is (And even then, it seems to be pretty good, compared to recordings I've heard). I basically got it for "free" with part of an update though. I used a demo of Lounge Lizard once, and while I loved it more for the inaccurate presets (ones where it doesn't attempt to sound like an EP), I would never really pay the asking price for either piece of software, though, as a good second-hand unit is only a couple-hundred more (And sometimes you get real lucky).


Apr.07.2007 @ 1:49 PM
personally, i rate the Scarbee sample set over all others, including any of the modelling versions. they had to change their product names a little while back due to some over-zealous lawyer associated with Rhodes but both the rhodes and wurli samples are superbly playable and really respond to being played over an appropriately weighted keyboard.

i have tried nearly all of the various electric piano sounds available and i always come back to the scarbee set.

the wurli set is the 'edgy electric piano' and the rhodes the 'classic electric piano'. (www.scarbee.com)


Apr.07.2007 @ 2:03 PM
I prefer Mr. Tramp:

link [www.kvraudio.co...]">link [www.kvraudio.co...]

Don't dismiss it just because it's a free synthedit plug. It's quite good. Not as tweakable as lounge lizard, but it gives immediate satisfaction. Their "Mr. Ray73" Rhodes emulation is also worth checking out.


Apr.07.2007 @ 9:22 PM
I use the mda epiano. Also have a Rhodes, which is not much good for wurli sounds.

Also you can make something good out of any old clean electric piano sound from a synth by putting it through a guitar amp and tremelo/phaser/whatever pedal.


Apr.08.2007 @ 12:26 AM
A/Bing my Wurly 200A against plug-ins, the plug always come up short, because they exaggerate the bark. Mine is a bit mellower, unless you really slam it. Weirdly enough, Reason's Pianet T sample set (in the Electromechanical Refill) is probably the closest sounding thing to mine on a computer that I can find.

However, the Nord Electro is the business for electric pianos, IMHO (clav is pretty good, organs aren't really any better than B4). I'm considering trading my Rhodes for one, what with already having a Wurly and all.


Apr.08.2007 @ 1:23 AM
Chris Randall
I do the reamp trick a lot, running the Logic EP (which I've used since it was first added to Logic) through the amp/speaker of my Wurli 112, or through pedals to my homemade tube amp. That's about as good as a digitally sourced EP is gonna get, in my experience. I think I just need to man up and buy a 200A, since it's a sound I use often.

I'd get a Nord Elektro except that, well, it's a Nord, and I have a personal bias against all their products.



Apr.08.2007 @ 10:39 AM
penzoil washington
I've tried most, including Scarbee, and ended up, as you say, manning up and getting a 200a. Aside from the fact that the samples and models fall short sonically, the experience of playing a real electroacoustic wurly is just more musical and inspiring. The fact that it works when your entire rig is shut off is, to me, another real plus.

Apr.08.2007 @ 4:53 PM
have to go with the evp88, love the simple tone, bit of re201 from UA for reverb or the tape delay in logic with the space designer. i quite like taking the space designer into reverse mode thru a bus to provide a texture bed.

Apr.09.2007 @ 2:08 PM
The Wurli samples on the electro are the best samples on that board (the upright piano samples run a close second.) I'm thinking about moving my venerable electro now that I have a real Rhodes and Hammond (Clavinet is in the works) The last time i played live I got by with a Ensoniq EPS and Roland RS-09... Anybody wanna try to fuck with that pair??? Once I finish sampling the RS-09 it'll probably get relegated to the studio as well.

Theres just something sooooooo lame about playinga red synthesizer in public.




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